Gas Pressure Sensor Transmitter Module 6847A

Gas Pressure Sensor Transmitter Module 6847A

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1. Suitable for medical fields such as electronic sphygmomanometers, ventilators, oxygen generators, monitors, etc.
2. It is suitable for automobile electronic fields such as tire pressure gauge, steering assist, brake assist, MAP sensor, etc.
3. Applicable to the field of sports and fitness equipment such as massagers, massage chairs, air beds, etc.
4. Suitable for water heaters, oxygen water machines, beer machines, coffee machines, air pumps, vacuum pumps, pressure meters, electric breast pumps, vacuum cleaners and other fields
5. Suitable for non-corrosive gases.
Output signal: 0.5-4.5 (5V power supply)
Accuracy: ±1.0, ±0.5, ±2.5
Compensation temperature: 0-60℃
Measuring medium temperature: -10-85℃
Storage temperature: -40-150℃
1. Do a good job of anti-static protection during welding
2. Overload voltage (6.5Vdc) or current (5mA) is very likely to burn the circuit chip
1. Welding
Since this product has a small structure with a small heat capacity, please minimize the influence of external heat. Otherwise, it may be damaged due to thermal deformation and cause changes in characteristics. Please use non-corrosive rosin type flux. In addition, since the product is exposed to the outside, please be careful not to allow the flux to penetrate the inside.
2. Cleaning
1) Since the product is an open type, please be careful not to allow the cleaning fluid to penetrate the inside.
2) When ultrasonic cleaning is used, the product may malfunction, so please avoid using ultrasonic cleaning.


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