BlueX450 Quadcopter DIY Drone KIT Aluminium Frame

BlueX450 Quadcopter DIY Drone KIT Aluminium Frame

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The 450 Quad kit is a high quality quadcopter frame that offers great looks and performance at a price that can’t be beaten! Built from light weight yet rigid fiberglass and aluminum, it offers a great combination of weight savings and strength.
The arms are made of aluminum, the thickness is 1mm, strong enough. Also two different colors for orientation, black and blue, so it’s easy to fly your quad in the right direction.
Multi-layer body plate and a large number of mounting holes make it easier to mount a variety of devices.
The landing gear is long enough, This BlueX450 frame is made of aluminum tube and fiberglass board. It is lightweight, strong and durable.
The shock-absorbing rubber foot can prevent impact on the frame and all equipment during landing.
The space of the frame is large enough to layout a variety of devices.
The gimbal mounting hole on the bottom layer is compatible with most gimbals on the market.
The holes on the aluminum tube make cables can be layout inside the aluminum tube.
This BlueX450 frame kit contains all necessary tools for assembling. We also provide screws, nuts, spring washers, and thread locking adhesive for motor mounting, which ensure the reliable installation of the motor and prevent loosening of the motor due to the vibration.
Because of the aluminum tube arm, the heat from the motor can be quickly conducted to the air, which makes the drone more reliable.there is about 100mm or 155mm between chassis and ground.


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