Parallel Charging Board 2S-6S T-Connector

Parallel Charging Board 2S-6S T-Connector

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With Parallel charging Board for 6 packs 2~6S (T Connector) now you can charge SIX (2~6S) lipo packs with same capacity & cell count simultaneously via this parallel charging board. That means you can charge 6 3S 2200mAh or more at the same time with a standard charger!

It is made for simultaneously charging multiple lithium batteries(including LiPo, LiFe, and Li-ion types) in parallel. To avoid the trouble of replacing batteries repeatedly.

With Built-in short circuit protection, it protects your batteries from short circuits and it is very convenient to charge and balance up to six lithium batteries at the same time when used with a balance charger it means it protects your every cell from overcharging. Also, the charging time is significantly reduced since all batteries are balanced at the samCompatible for IMAX B6, Maxpro x612s,x6 plus UN-A6 charger.
Support 6 pairs 2S,6 pairs 3S,6 pairs 4S,6 pairs 5S,6 pairs 6S balance charge.
It can Protect the charging batteries when a short circuit happens.
Thicken PCB copper foil, allow security using 40A charging current.
Amass 7U gold plating plug plating.
Use safety fuse (50A) to protect the circuit.
Balance charging avoids overcharging of each Battery.
Using LED lights to display working states.e time instead of balancing batteries one by one.


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